Kaboora University operates on a rolling admission timeline which means that the sooner your application and documents are received, the sooner we can process your application.
We encourage you to apply for admission as early as possible.
KU offers an enriching academic environment with world-class curriculum; innovative reaching methodologies and professional tutors.

What's NEW?

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Kabul-Afghanistan | Copyright Kaboora University |  All right reserved
What makes us different ?

  • A clean environment filled with quality & discipline.
  • Having academic relationship with abroad academic institutions.
  • Professional expertise to help all students enrolled at KU.
  • More than 10 affiliate Institution for students, practical education.
  • With the complete education, it helps students to find suitable job.
  • Well established and Professional setup for providing quality education.

Our aims & objectives

The KU aims to train students to respond competently and confidently to the challenges arising from rapidly advancing technology and are as follow:
The key potential and aims KU posses for success include, but are not limited to the following:

  • To enrich talents and care for health and life of people.
  • To serve our students and the community by providing the highest quality education.
  • To teach students based on the accepted world curriculums, theoretical and practical.
  • To build capacity in the different sector of sciences and technology and health sciences.
  • To extend academic relationship for our students with overseas universities.
  • To set up higher education, world-class curriculum and innovative reaching methodologies.
  • To provide teaching and conduct of research in the relevant disciplines of modern sciences.
  • To extend standard higher education services through the rural and remote area of Afghanistan.
  • To develop patterns of teaching in post graduate level and in super specialties.
  • To provide for post graduate teaching and conduct of research in the health sciences.

Mission Statement

We are committed to serve our students and the community by providing the highest quality health education, thereby providing the opportunity for personal and professional growth of our students.
We will accomplish this by recognizing that each student is unique and that our educational strategies and techniques must be continually evaluated and adapted to meet those needs.

Our staff and faculty will deliver quality, professional cost-efficient instruction by working as a dynamic, co-operative, caring team, always striving to make students aware of the opportunities and responsibilities of being a team member of society.
We believe this mission will be achieved only through hard work and dedication, and that our efforts toward accomplishing our mission will convey this message to our students.
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