KU brought an evolution in the higher education of Afghanistan, and changed the lives of thousands of individuals and families.
Kaboora gets its name from a Persian word, which was the oldest name of Afghanistan.
KU strives to remain as the leading university in Afghanistan, and emerge among the top leading universities of the world.
KU's doors will be always open to talented national and international students, and will welcome enterprising and research oriented scholars to join our faculty and its objectives are high and the approach is positive. With a carefully worked out road-map, a mission oriented approach and an excellent blend of high quality education.
KU operates its programs with affiliation and support of more than several health care centers, clinics and hospitals, to make sure student's practical tutorial done according to assigned teaching plan and standards. KU aware of the need for well-trained medical assistants, as well as the need for well-trained members of other allied health professions.
We dedicated to offering the best training possible for all students who attend Kaboora University.

Institute Overview

Kaboora University is comprised of people who are sincerely committed to your success. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is more important to us than to help you achieve your goals.
At KU, we understand that in order to be successful ourselves, we must insure the success of our students and graduates.
Your trust and the trust of the community is our top priority.

What we do?

Health sciences & information technology research seeks to advance knowledge of healthcare organization, management and practice, so leading to improvements in health. This demands effective working across a range of disciplines.
KU activities help to bring these disciplines together and promote health sciences facilities.


Kaboora University is approved and accredited by government, health, 'higher' education ministries of Afghanistan and has official authorization from ministries (Accreditation Authority) for offering both degree and non degree programs:

KU operates on a rolling admission timeline which means that the sooner your application and documents are received, the sooner we can process your application.
We encourage you to apply for admission as early as possible.
Kaboora is comprised of people who are sincerely committed to your success.

What's NEW?

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